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No. With a low average transaction, the headache and negative impact of issuing refunds is not worth the small bump in subscribers a guarantee might create. Also, we really don’t like working with business owners looking for a refund on such a small price.
We need your cancelation by the 15th of the month since this goes out to a print shop to print and mail to you by the 1st of the month. You can email us or submit a contact form on our site to request the cancelation and we will email you when it’s confirmed for your records.
We have found that digital resources tend to fall out-of-sight and out-of-mind in the process. With a print newsletter sitting on your desk or nightstand, your odds of reading AND implementing it goes up significantly. Getting you results is all that matters to us, so we think this format will help maximize that.
We really like working with each other and this seemed like a fun and easy way to do that. Also, we know that we’ll get more consulting and agency clients after they are able to see us in action every month with the newsletter. It fits a number of our larger strategic goals in the end.